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D-R Miner Dental Waxes
The Pioneer of Specialty Dental Wax

The Pioneer of Specialty Dental Wax

Welcome to D-R miner Dental. We are professional manufacturers of the highest quality products. Since 1932 we continue to develop unique waxes for dentists, dental labs, dental college classwork, eye restoration and jewelry.

At D-R Miner Dental our waxes are of the highest quality. They are very easy to work with. There is a 100% burn out. Special care is taken to ensure you receive our best in every order. No order is to large or small. We are the home off Iowa Impression wax, Korecta wax, Sticky wax, Diagnostic wax, Carving Blocks, Margin wax, Ocularist wax, Gnathological wax.

We have 24 hour delivery upon request limited to product on hand. Discounts for five or more ordered. You can order colors of your liking. Our wax is excellent from build up and fabricating all types of patterns. It has very low shrinkage from wax up to burn out, and is very easy to carve with no braking or chipping. It resist warpage and change in detail.

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